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    I was in the VZW store this past weekend and the manager told me that he heard a rumor that there was going to be a 650 upgrade to EVDO...

    I was fooling around with the 700p and the browsing was amazing with the high speed EVDO -- and he came over and told me about it...

    Is that even possible? technically...
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    No, he's an *****.
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    Confirmed... people that work in Verizon sales... not the sharpest pencil in the box. Think of the manager as King of the Idiots. I apologize if I offend someone who resembles those remarks.
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    Whats funny about this story is telling people that a software EVDO update is comming would seem to only slow down their sales of the treo 700p. Wouldn't the manager be better off telling people they can't have EVDO unless they buy the new Treo. However, I still don't believe a software update is possible.

    Sprint promised a software update with the visor phone and the ppc 6600 and those never happend. So even when the hardware is present there is little financial motive to make such updates.
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