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    I'm currently in the market for a Treo 700 but I'm unsure as to where the W/P is better for my needs..

    My biggest draw to the Treo is the ability to get my @EDU e-mail on the phone. My EDU account is IMAP and I've been readin that programs like Chatter Email will keep perfect sync of this E-mail account since it's IMAP. However, does Chatter E-mail work on both 700 models, or is it W or P specific? Also, in order to be able to send e-mail from my @EDU account, I will need to establish and maintain a VPN connection. I've read about Mergic VPN and it seems as the perfect little app, but I think that is Palm OS specific. Also, I've heard that the Palm version isn't good at multitasking and I need to maintain that connection in the background.Is there a similiar type application on Windows Mobile? Finally, because my @EDU account is IMAP, wouldn't it work fine without Chatter Email in Outlook Mobile?

    Thanks in advance. Sorry I'm a bit confused!

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    Chatter only works on the Palm OS platform.
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    Will Outlook Mobile sync my e-mail tho in a similiar manner to Chatter?
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    I had a 650 and recently was forced to switch to 700w because it's my work phone. If you have a choice, I'd definitely go with the P!!! I miss my POS soooooooo much. I have to reset my 700w about a dozen times a day. The battery cover is getting worn out. LOL
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    Marc has stated that if the demand is there he will seriously think about ChatterEmail for Windowz. Ben
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    I moved myself and some other IT people in my company from the 650 to the 700w. WORLD of difference. Active Sync (while I know othershave had problems) has been PERFECT at keeping my exchange 03 and 700w in sync. The windows OS is familiar and comfortable. I can navigate with one hand same as the palm os, however, I can also use gotomypc on the 700w which I could not on the 650. Now I log into a server at work form my phone while I am out and do what needs to be done.
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    Yes, WM5 is great with exchange server. I use Exchange with my wm5 device and it couldn't be any easier to stay in sync on email, tasks, calendar and contacts. However, the OP has IMAP email. I can honestly tell you that Pocket Outlook is not ideal for this. It doesn't support Push from IMAP. You might as well have POP3. Chatter is by far much better at handling this. Go with POS and Chatter if you are a heavy IMAP mail user.
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    For IMAP sync, I would definately go with Chatteremail running on the 700p. It's a great combination.

    Marc Blanc is a great resource to the Palm OS community. He has turned the Treo into an awesome mobile email client.

    (In all fairness I have yet to check out Snapper, but I wanted something simple that supports IMAP push. Chatteremail is pretty much your only choice on any platform).
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