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    This is just a quick story outlining the potential power of the Treo smartphone...

    I've had my 650 for at least two years now. And before that, the 600. And before that, the 300.

    All three phones have served me greatly in varying aspects, but last night was one of the most purposeful (for me, at least).

    A friend and I were traveling home from my vacation property in Michigan. We were on SR-250 in North Central Ohio at about 2:00am when a brown owl struck my windshield. Owl was going what... 15-20mph? We were going 65, easily.

    Anyhow, it scared the crap out of us. I wanted to keep going, but she made me turn around... find this owl, barely alive, feebly moving on the shoulder.

    Well, into Blazer I went. Loaded up's mobile URL. Typed in "24 hour veterinary" and established the number for the clinic in Akron. Called them via the Treo and secured their address and that they would accept the owl.

    Fired up Blazer again and loaded Typed in our location and their address and had the way mapped out.

    Arrived at the clinic using yahoo's perfect directions and dropped the owl off.

    Unfortunately, the owl passed (as I knew it inevitably would), but the point remains that the Treo served its purpose and more last night.

    Furthermore, as a tour bus driver and frequent traveler, my Treo has gotten me out of many a jam, (traffic and otherwise) that very few (if any) other phones could do.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    great work...
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    at&t iPhone3G
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    Thanks for trying to help the owl.
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    Hobbes would be proud!
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    That is a good story (except for the owl not making it.) Some people just don't get the whole 'converged' argument.
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    Great story that illustrates how our devices are more than just toys to us! Kudos to you for your empathy and efforts!! Thanks for sharing.

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