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    not sure what forum to use for this...i am a new member

    Has POP stopped working for gmail on July 6?
    I had my Palm TREO 700P (Versamail) working quite well to receive POP
    from my GMAIL account. There were no problems at all. (except for the usual of also downloading my "sent messages".

    Suddenly I am not receiving any emails dated after July 6!!

    As an experiment I deleted all the emails on the TREO and then asked it
    to get mail. It succussfully went to the gmail server and then
    re-downloaded all my email up to and including July 6---but not after. what the...?

    also, i tried this with chattermail and same results. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. i AM A NEWBE TO THE TREO.

    Any ideas?

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    Mine caused me problems the first two times I tried to connect, and it made my phone reset. The third time was a charm and everything worked like normal - 5 min ago.

    I am using versamail.
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    I had the same problem this morning, but I just tried it and my POP mail is back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crownzeal
    I had the same problem this morning, but I just tried it and my POP mail is back!
    The mail server was temporarily off line this morning while the Gmail team was doing maintenance. Unknown what required the company to take the mail server offline but it may have to do with their continual efforts to make POP work better. While I like Gmail as a free email service I would love to have Chatter sync with Gmail with out having email copies from my "Sent" folder downloaded. Hopefully in the near future they'll offer IMAP which is less prone to problems and better for Push Email. I'd be willing to pay a nominal annual fee just to have a fully functional IMAP service through Gmail.

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