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    My treo 650 via cingular got here a few hours ago!!!!

    I got it activated, voicemail, tested dialing and redialing, calling to and its sitting charging away! (Battery was 75% or so when it came it and it is resting at 99%).

    First thing I am going to do is to get the desktop Palm software installed on my laptop (fingers crossed I have Windows MCE and heard there were probs..wish me luck!).

    Second, I am going to get a backup program...most likely NVbackup....because it is free and I have read some good posts and received some good advice from here on it. Will give it a go!

    Third, Install the backup program and make a copy of the backup to the card and the computer.

    As I am writing the Treo is now "green" and I need to get cracking!!!!

    Fourth, I will be trying Zlauncher to see how that goes.

    Wish me luck!!!

    Thanks everyone for all the help here!!! Your support has been invaluable and by learning here I even helped a buddy out who was having reset problems on his Verizon Treo 650!
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    Hock it on eBay and upgrade to the Sprint 700p if you want to play with the big boys.
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    Nope! Sticking with this til Cingular allows the 700P and I find the need to upgrade! LOL
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    Yeah ... once you go GSM it's hard to go back to CDMA.

    The flexability of a SIM card, the ability to roam internationally (Granted, CDMA works in Mexico, South Korea and apparently now Iraq!), and most important, the ability to free yourself from carrier lock-in for your phones!!!!!

    Now if we can just get HSDPA rolling ....
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    Good luck! You are now a Treo Geek/Nerd which ever you like...
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    Things are going well and I have installed NVbackup and tested it with flying colors....very happy so far and I really like it!
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    at&t iPhone3G
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    HEHEH....I remember when I got my Sony Clie UX50.....kinda the same excitement only better!!!!
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    Ah, how well I remember that first day.....
    Just updated my backup with NVBackup, what a great little app.
    Good luck with your new buddy. Take it slow. Several threads here have made the suggestion to go slowly when installing new programs and I agree wholeheartedly with that advice. Make sure that your new apps don't cause conflicts before adding another. It's hard deconstructing to find what is making you crash.
    Have fun! You'll always remember these first days.
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    Thanks Laurie....Im just down the street from you in San Antonio and was up in Austin last week visiting a buddy of mine!
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    I was with Sprint for years, but got tired of having to go to the store (one hour drive each way) if I had a problem.

    Now on Cingular, I liked the sound quality better on Sprint than on Cingular, but ability to switch phones via the SIM card on GSM phones significantly outweighs CDMA phones.

    I do not blame the sound quality solely on Cingular. I give most of the blame to the Treo 650. I use the Treo 650 everyday, but the areas where Palm can significantly improve on is the cell and Bluetooth radios along with the speaker and microphone quality.

    I also have a Motorola RAZR which I switch the SIM card to from time to time. The sound quality and improvement in signal reception is significant.

    I hope the next Treos address these areas for improvement.

    Secondly, I bought a Cingular GO phone at Wal-mart that I keep in my glove compartment along with a charger cord. These GO phones are not great for everyday use, but it is nice to be able to switch the SIM cards into it when I need it. Already had to do this once when I was having a problem with the Treo 650. Definitely a decent back-up phone.

    I am much anticipating phones with UMTS/HSDPA capabilities. I cannot wait to log into my SlingBox via Windows Mobile. My wife will be able to watch the Lifetime Channel while riding in the car.
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    I am a day or two away from jumping up to the 700p; however, having spent the last few days reading EVERYTHING that concerns the 700p, I am not so sure. The speed issue is a factor more than anything else and what it would cost to run as compared to the 650...however, I am sure that with the more memory, stability should be a bit better.


    Quote Originally Posted by crownzeal
    Hock it on eBay and upgrade to the Sprint 700p if you want to play with the big boys.

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