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    Cingular already unlocks the phone to work with GPRS. Oh while you are testing all the trail versions, some program might automatically change you over to I think CDS service. While you are trying to connect to the internet, if your phone shows connections to CDS, go to you preference on the main menu and change the network settings to GPRS. Other wise you will not be able to connect to the internet.

    If you decide to go with Media Max (recommended and cheaper by far), sign up on Medianet and they will give you a free e-mail address (you donít have to use it). Also, they give you a free home page that is fully customizable to show whatever information you wish. will get the sync cable and headset. I was worried as well. Shipping info only shows phone and simcard.
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    Thanks Norboo! I sent you a PM.

    Please let me know if you are experiencing any of the "reset" problems and such...I hope you do not...doing some digging (not too deep lol) there still seems to be problems with these 650s rebooting and such.


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    As soon as I got mine, I had to do a hard reset. After that, no problems. *knock on wood*
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