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    I am just wondering what everyone did with their old 650s. Did you sell them? Did you give them to a friend or family member? Did you throw them away? Did you get the $150 from Palm via the trade-in program?

    Also if you sold it, where did you sell it and how much did you get for it? What did you include in the package?
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    Still sitting in my office. I'll probably throw it on ebay soon.
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    I have more 650s now that before I had my 700p... prototypes.
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    My 650 is put away safe & neatly in my closet. In case I need it, last time, I gave my sister my 600. Now she has a 650, and for Father's Day she got me this 700p!
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    Man, I wish I had a sister!
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    Quote Originally Posted by string3599
    Also if you sold it, where did you sell it and how much did you get for it? What did you include in the package?
    Sold on eBay for $300, including leather case & old bluetooth headset. Probably could have gotten more but did a short auction right after I got my 700p overnight from Sprint.
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    I was going to send in my 650 for the $100 rebate from Palm but decided to keep it- I just couldn't part with it.

    I may activate it for testing at the office since more of our mobile users are carrying Treo's.

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    I was going to sell it on ebay but gave it to my wife and will sell her t/x intead.

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    I was going to give it to my dad for Father's Day, but he didn't seem interested, so I still have it, and I use it pretty frequently for games, GPS, etc. Now, I don't think I can part with it!
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    Trickled down to some poor soul who is now connected to the office 24/7/365

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