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    Anyone listen to it?

    They promised two more phones this year that will be "different" then all the other models.
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    Interesting points - slow sales for the Treo 700w. Key changes made to European carriers on their request (? WIFI and 64 MB ram?) . He spends a lot of time dissing the Moto Q for using a non-touchscreen and smartphone OS.

    He also notes there will be 2 new ODM's to make Palms, and that faster the new 2 devices, there will be more devices on their heels.

    Treo 700p sales also slow, with high inventory, but he attributes it to timing.

    Confirms 2 new phones later this year, with sales from Europe adding a lot to revenue.

    He speaks of R&D in software increasing, ? due to PalmLinux? Speaks of "build business for long term."

    No Treo 650 to Europe after June 30 2006. No replacement even before August 2006.

    European volumes of 650 "not very significant"

    Moto Q has lead to drop in volume of Treo 700 sales, May 2006 less sell-through. Has now improved again.

    700w relied upon to allow expand internationally and expand into enterprise.

    Nitro and Lenon wont be carier exclusives.

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    If the pics uploaded to Engadget are really the new phones, then the new phones are "different" in that there's no antenna and the d-pad shapes more like a V.
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    I missed it. What did they have to say about revenue?
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Revenue strong and growing, up 25% YoY. They did however miss the analyst consensus. 403 million vs 407 million for the last quarter. 1 Billion from Treo's and 600 million from pdas for the year.

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    Wow. PDA's are really on their way out. I expect Lowrider will also replace part of their PDA line to some extent. Just makes my mind wonder what it a low end Treo will feature vs. a soon to be discontinued 650.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.

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