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    I was watching a Sprint Commercial today and noticed the new logo incorporates the old "pin drop" from the past. But then when it drops that familar "tone" chimes on the commercial. Then I thought! Hey that would be a good sms tone.

    Anyone know where I can get it?
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    Cool idea. Sorry I don't know of one.

    Is that really what that ugly, sideways Star Trek emblem is supposed to be? A pin dropping? I guess I can make it out if I try really hard, but it's a stretch.
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    Well for anyone who cares,

    I have made an attempt at creating one. It is not great but will kind of shows you what I am looking for. It was way too much work. I had to download 4 commericials and piece together the audio. Since most of the time they are talking over the "tone" I am looking for.

    Well if you like it, enjoy.

    I made it into a wave file that I emailed to myself. It holds about 67k once converted to your phone.

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