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    Hi, treousers,

    as discussed in another forum in the latest weeks (about the unregistered version limits), I want to notice you that a new release of Treodesktop is just now available on the web site.
    Some minor bugs and cosmetics where fixed.

    But, first of all, finally now you can test the "export to csv file".

    A new release will be available in the next month, with added feature...


    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer

    ps: remember that Treodesktop, now, is not for sale (maybe in september, with a conduit, and some added features).
    But at this moment is only an individual project, who will grown only if people will like it (and will support its develope with a little donation).
    I want to thanks, in advance, all users who will support my job.

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    Am I able to edit the "Description" at all? I'd really like to be able to add notes to this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wymo78
    Am I able to edit the "Description" at all? I'd really like to be able to add notes to this.
    do not confuse "description" filed with "note" field.

    Description/Text is the body of a record. In case of an SMS record, description/text contains the entire text message. In case of a call log, description contains the call time (expressed in hours/minutes/seconds).

    Description field is NOT editable by user, of course.

    Note field, instead, is a free filed added from Treodesktop to each record.
    For default, it contains a null value (gray post-it icon)
    In the note field you can add your personal annotation, for each record.
    Example, for an anonymous CallerID incoming call, you can fill the value as "it was John, a friend of mine, number 555-4443, who tells me... etc..."

    Note field has only purpose to store a particular annotation, for a record entry.

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand me... :-)


    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer

    ps: of course, is not possible to add a note or rename a contact in the unregistered version, because the unregistered version of Treodesktop does not save data in the Treodesktop database, so the note field cannot be created in its database.
    Remember that the Treo database is opened in read-only mode.

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