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    I've gotten pictures of the Palm Lennon and Nitro by, yet again, changing the url in the various pictures on the Cingular site. Want to see them? Well I hate to have you click on another link to see them at my site, so here they are below:

    Palm Lennon:

    Palm Nitro:

    As one can see, they are basically antenna-less versions of the Treo 700w and 700p.

    Don't believe that these pics are real? PM me and I'll let you know where I found them.

    (Both pics are also in my news article at
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    I Believe! I Believe!!!
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    I want! I want!

    Heres the engadget story:
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    Cool and the gang...Us CDMA folk are going to get jealous. A waite that might be well worth.
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    Look just like the leaked pics of the "Hollywood" device. I remember a few negative comments about the form factor back then, but I think it's as sweet as sweet can be.
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    What data speeds will Nitro support? EDGE or faster?
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    As long as there's a POS GSM Treo, I'll be happy! Bring it on!

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    Just my opinion, I do not think Cingular is going to forget Palm users with their new Treo phones. I believe that Cingular is waiting for the roar to calm from the past few months of intense marketing of:
    - Verizon's exclusive on the Treo 700w
    - Sprint and Verizon releasing the Treo 700p
    - Motorola Q on Verizon.

    Look how much PRPRPR $and$ $posting$ $we$ $are$ $doing$ $just$ $from$ $some$ $leaked$ $pictures$. $Cingular$ $has$ $to$ $be$ $giddy$ $with$ $all$ $this$ $free$ $advertisement$ $and$ $discussion$ $by$ $us$. $Look$ $how$ $much$ $PR$ $they$ $got$ $when$ $the$ $GSM$ $Treo$ $650$ $was$ $being$ $released$.

    I would like to think that Cingular would release the Treo Lennon (Windows) and Treo Nitro (Palm) at the same time to benefit from the synergy of two products that give users a choice (Palm vs. Windows) with a single marketing campaign.
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    Lennon sounds too much like a Lemmon...
    and Nitro sounds too much like a WWE contender.

    I hope our GSM friends are happy with whatever Palm comes up with.
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    Wow. What a lovely time here at TC.

    It's so nice to come in and look through Today's Posts now - instead of sadly looking throuh posts about all the phones I cannot use. Us GSM'ers may have hope after all.
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    Can I call photoshop on these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Can I call photoshop on these?
    If you wanna know where they came from, just PM me.
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    Looks like photoshop jobs to me.
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    Not saying they aren't real, but how convenient that the Nitro's buttons for Calendar, Email, Home, etc. cannot be read. Looks like the WM pic with the windows button detail removed. If they are doing the same as the 700P, the top keys should be green & red to turn wireless mode on/off. As it is that photo looks WM soft keys on the Nitro...
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    It looks like they are the same exact hardware, just like the 700 series is.
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    Hardware's the same, yes. Check out these 700 photos from Palm's site and look at the top buttons. All I'm saying is the Lennon picture looks legit based on the other leaks, but the Nitro pic is just a doctored Lennon.
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    The Nitro photo does look suspicious, but I wholeheartedly believe the Lennon pic, as it's consistent with pics I've seen before--namely, that it's black.

    This is definitely the device I'm getting.
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    The pictures are so small/bad that it's hard to be certain either way
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    I heard, that Vodafone Germany lists a Palm Treo 770 in their internal system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Can I call photoshop on these?
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