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    i'm considering getting a treo 600 on ebay, but have a question that i'm considering before i buy it.

    well, i have a lot of contact information that i would like to store in the phone, but a lot of those contact infos vary among groups depending on the business. is there a feature where i can separate the contact info into different groups? also, can i write notes for each contact info to show the history of each person and such?

    second, i know that this phone doesn't have bluetooth, but is there still a way to transfer info from my laptop to the phone and vice versa?

    thanks so much for you answers!

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    I'm not sure about grouping contacts, I will have to check on that. I had a 600 and synched with my laptop into Outlook. You just need to install the software that comes with the phone when you get it. If you can, I would try to at least get a 650, which I now have.

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