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    Just a little piece of info I found out tonight, when playing with Wireless Sync, you can now check your G-Mail accounts directly with Wireless Sync. I am doing it now, and wow, it is nice to not have to forward or anything anymore. I don't know how many Treo users out there are also G-Mail users and on VZW but I just wanted to put the word out there and maybe it will help someone out.
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    I'm a VZW subscriber & use g-mail. I've been using Versamail to check. I've never configured the Wireless sync (I've had Treo since May). I assume Wireless sync does just that - allows you to sync Treo to desktop wirelessly?! I'm pretty much always at my desk, so I haven't bothered! Perhaps I should set it up! Thanks for the tip!
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    is this the rebadged Intellisync stuff?
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