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    I want a 700W so bad, but use MAC for business(Laptop, but can switch if needed). I am not sure if I want to switch to PC just for the ease of phone/laptop capability.

    What phone/pda would would work best with a MAC computer?

    Any help would be great!

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    I'm using my 700p on a G5 Mac with the Missing Sync. Works perfectly.
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    Been a Treo user for years with my Macs; no problems. Get a 700p.
    Bo Meyer
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    Long time Mac user, long time Palm user, recent TREO user... can't go wrong!
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    What about Symbian phones (ie. Nokia E61)?
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    Using my Treo 700p w/ Missing Sync and generally happy. Missing Sync has not been updated for proper functionality with the 700p's new Contact's application which contains some new fields. As a result, when you sync, you will end up with several blank phone number fields under each contact's real phone number entires. It's an annoyance right now that will be fixed in a future update, according to Mark/Space.
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    The Palm OS has long been considered the most "Mac-friendly" OS out there. You need the Missing Sync to get the most out of your Palm device. If you simply must use a Windows Mobile device you can get PocketMac and get similar capabilities as with a Pam and Missing Sync.
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    I'm a mac user and have been using the Treo since the 600. I switched to Mobil Windows platform (the 6700) four months ago and I switched back to the 700p when it came out. Besides the fact that I can sync again, the Palm platform, IMHO, is superior to the Mobile Windows.
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    Why the heck would you want the 700w? For starters, most will agree that the Palm OS is the better between Win Mobile and Palm. Nothing in WM5 is really compelling at all - lots of eye candy, but like Windows itself, serious flaws abound everywhere.

    Just pick up the 700p and enjoy it with your Mac - it will work fine out of the box and be supported pretty much fully. That cannot be said for any Windows Mobile device on the Mac.

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