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    So I got my 650 right when it came out sometime last year and been using it until now. I just recently purchased a Nokia E61.

    After using the Symbian (newest version OS) E61 for 1 month now, I realized that the treo's advantages made me go back to it.

    First of all, I love the screen of the E61, its pretty nice and BIG. With the big size of the screen, comes a big size for the phone. The E61 is too wide for my liking. Although it grips pretty good in your hand, its when you are calling someone that you feel like its very awkward. After holding the E61 for a month, holding the treo 650 is like sooooo much more comfortable. Its the treo's little things that add up.

    Compared with the Nokia, the treo is wayyyy faster. My treo goes to most screens/programs like lightening fast. The Nokia takes like a half a second for everything, simple tasks even. Going to the calender takes time, contacts take a loong pause, whereas the treo just zips there.

    The treo is more user friendly in the the sense that you could seriously do EVERYTHING quicker on the treo than the E61. Typing a calender event is a breeze on a treo, but on the Nokia, you have to choose menu, new task, then choose which type...that is way too many steps for me.

    The only thing I wish I can keep from the E61 is the web browser. It is really nice, and it renders perfectly. If the Nokia was touchscreen, it would really be the perfect browsing experience from a mobile device, at least for me. The lack of a touchscreen is a major turnoff for me too, because it makes things VERY inconvenient. How many times a day do you use the stylus? I use it a lot, and also I can do things twice as fast using the stylus to poke, instead of using the dpad.

    Third party software sucks right now, compared with Palm apps. However running java is easy and the phone doesn't reset. Actually the phone has never reseted on me, but it had a couple slowdowns and problems with apps that I need to manual restart.
    I like the treo! We need a GSM 700P!
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    What about phone quality?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I don't think I would have a problem w/ no touch screen.
    I guess I should give it a run.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I think phone build quality is pretty good, sound quality, reception, speaker quality are all better than the 650, especially earpiece and speaker. Reception SEEMED didn't cut in and out as much as with the 650.

    E61 also has alot of built in applications that you would need to get separately with the 650. It also has very nice keyboard. 650 feels like a click, and E61 feels like squishy, but a good squishy...i dunno how else to express it!

    It has built in rss reader, calc, converter, word, excel, powerpoint, gps apps, printer setup, adobe, card export type app, movie player, podcast, mp3 player, mp3 ringtone, voice recorder, voice launch app, flash player, instant messenging (i have no idea how to set this up), profiles, screen shot app, zip app, and the call logs, data logs, are more detailed. Holy XXXX it looks like the E61 wins over the treo hands down, EXCEPT: speed, PALM OS, size, no camera.

    Alright, I admit, in almost every way the E61 is better than the treo: built in apps, wifi, battery life, web browser, screen, ram space. However, the OS to me matters more than anything when using a "PDA" phone. It has to be FAST, or else it's useless...I don't want to wait, while someone is on the line for me to click 10 buttons before i can get to the contacts. I feel like i'm pressing buttons WAY too much on the E61.

    Palm is just so simple, effective, and easy to use.
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    forgot ONE important thing... Nokia's center scrolling stubby thingie SUCKSSSSSSS.........but E61 is damn nice looking and absolutely better overall for a person that don't care much for Palm's OS.
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    Thanks for your quick response.
    I really, really, really wish the treo had a better radio.
    And if they don't get it right w/ the next gsm, I will prolly hit the road.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Get one and try it out! I think for the price...there is no better phone than the E61
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    cannot imagine a smartphone without a touchscreen. i had a look at the nokia, played around with it and the lack of touchscreen just simply frustrated me. having used palmtops for a nearly decade, a touchscreen simply is a must for a smartphone.
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    I agree with chenling. My experience with the E61 have been identical. I, too have gone back the my Treo 650.

    The slowness of the Nokia is really noticable after using the Treo. It is slower in another respect in that it requires multiple screens or button presses to do almost anything. It can still be operated with one hand, but that hand is very busy.

    The Nokia is a better phone. It sounds better, it holds a call better and it is stable. I'm not sure it has better reception, but calls in low reception areas remain clear and don't drop.

    I have small hands and the Treo is easier for me to hold. The Nokia is thinner and fits easily into jeans pockets. I find both phones easy to type on. The keyboards are different, but both work for me. Nokia has a better screen. It's wide and bright. That screen advantage is negated for me when reading email. The Nokia has a thin, non-changeable font which is hard to read in emails or text docs. The Treo font is much more readable.

    The Nokia might be a better basic phone/pda combo, but my Treo with Chatteremail and Datebk is much better for email and calendar functions. There are no push mail alternative apps for the Nokia unless you use an exchange server and even then, Chatter blows the Nokia away. There are no apps to enhance the calendar functions for the E61 yet. With very few applications available for the E61 what you get out of the box is what you have to live with for now. I assume that will change in the future.

    Wifi works on the Nokia. However, it adds little to the way I use the phone. It has become an unimportant feature for me. I'm sure others will find it very usefull.

    The only serious problem I've had with the Nokia is that it does not always reaquire the GPRS network once it is lost. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I depend on push mail for my work and that means push mail is unreliable. Can't get mail, if I'm not connected to the network. Another major problem (for me) is that the email app does not sync sent messages to an IMAP server. That kind of defeats the purpose of IMAP. Also, the built-in email only allows two mail accounts. Folder sync works for IMAP(except the sent folder), but it is very slow.

    In many ways the Nokia E61 reminds me of a Treo 600; a great basic platform but immature. The Nokia is way better than the Treo 600 was, but needs third party enhancements to achieve it's full potential. Unfortunately, those enhancements aren't available yet.

    I plan to keep the Nokia. I an hoping that when third party enhancements are available it will be a great smartphone. For now, I use my Treo 650 as my primary phone.

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