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    I keep reading on various sites that you can buy various phones and other devices "unlocked"...I am considering the Treo 650 or 700P (leaning to 700P) and I have Verizon cell phone service, with 5 months remaining on my 2 year this point, I will probably renew my contract, altho I could change to Cingular or TMobile (not Sprint)...

    What happens if I buy an unlocked unit???...can I just walk in to Verizon and say "Program this with my number, please, and transfer my 100 phone numbers from my directory in my dying Nokia phone"...will they??? they have to, or must I buy the Treo from their store???...does this extend my contract, or will they just let me "substitute" the Treo for my current phone???

    I assume that if I can do this, they will not offer any guarantee on the unit as I bought it from someone other than them...

    Should I wait a few weeks/months for folks to bring back 700P units that are defective, and then buy one when it is "refurbished" and been inspected by a Palm technician???...or just buy one new on the internet???

    Can anyone offer any guidance on this, since I am not a techno-whiz, so I am not about to disassemble a unit and start soldering new connections for myself...

    Thanks to those who are smarter than me...
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    First of all, unlocked phones only apply to GSM carriers (Cingular, T-Mobile). CDMA carriers (Verizon, Sprint) don't really use "unlocked" phones.

    Normally, if you buy a Cingular phone, you can only use a Cingular SIM card in it, although the phone is techncially capable of accepting a sim card from any carrier and operating on any GSM carrier's network, provided it's on the proper frequencies. Now if you unlock the phone, you will be able to use any other SIM card (provided the SIM card is compatible with the phone, some SIM cards hold different amounts of data, some use different voltages, etc.) in the phone with any other GSM carrier. This is useful for example, if you're going to travel abroad (let's say to Europe). You could still use your cell phone in a foreign country with another GSM provider. This is also helpful for example, if a phone you want isn't offered by your carrier. Many people on T-mobile buy unlocked GSM Treo's because T-Mobile no longer offers the Treo.

    EDIT: So in the end, if you stick with Verizon, this doesn't apply to you.
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    If you plan to switch carriers, you may get a better deal on a brand new Treo as a "new" customer. That phone will usually be "locked" (aka subsidy lock) - since they are giving you a deal on the phone, they don't want you to go elsewhere for service so they lock it to their service. This wouldn't really matter because you are on their service anyway. T-Mobile is the exception as they don't sell Treos.

    A subsidy locked phone can be unloicked by the carrier (Cingular will do it after you are a customer for 90 days) or by a third-party for about $20.
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    My suggestion to you is that since you still have 5 months left in your Verizon contract to stick with what you have right now, and then, once the contract is over, switch and sign with a GSM carrier like Cingular, get it "unlocked" so that you can use any SIM where there is GSM signal.

    As others have mentioned, CDMA carriers won't allow other competitor phones to be used on their network although it can be done, but they won't so they force you to sign on with them and use their phone.

    I got my unlocked GSM Treo 650 in HK and used a local SIM when I was there, and then when I got back, popped in my home SIM and it works great. That's the beauty of GSM, especially unlocked GSM phones.
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    I'd walk into an "all carriers" brick and mortar and let the salesman call Cingular saying that he has a Verizon customer in the store who will switch if they sweeten the deal for you. Look at "family plans" if you can and the MediaMax200 data deal is great at $19.99

    The all acrriers store guy won't give you the foolishness of many carrier CSR's who think the Treo is Blackberry and needs VPN and will therefore try and sell you the PDA connect plan for data.
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    excellent idea.

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