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    I downloaded the trial of PDANet, and went through the install and everything just fine. However, when I tried to log on, it said that my trial was expired? WTF? I have never had pdanet before on my 600, so I dont understand why its doing this to me? I'm not about to spend $34 on smething that I cannot even test out first! Has anybody else had this problem?
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    No, the trial worked very well for me. I went ahead and bought the program.
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    I bet you it has something to do with the Desktop software. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the registration verification function lies in the desktop software. However, you have no installation of PDAnet on the system. The only logical conclusion is a registry setting. I bet they want to make it global, so perhaps it is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. I would start looking in there and remove any records of PDAnet...

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    PDA Net works great for me. Use Filez, then see what date the file was created. This may be corrupt.
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    Boy, I was on vacation two weeks ago in Owensboro, KY, Whitwell and Gatlinburg, TN and finally Louisville, KY. I'm on a Verizon 650. What a lifesaver. We were so tired by the night time that we would just stay in and relax and watch TV. None of the hotels had free internet service, so I used PDA Net. Very good usable speeds and was never disconnected. Best $34 I've ever spent for a program, and would do it again if I had to. Next best program used on the trip was my DA program. Worked effortlessly to find places we wanted and call for info. The benefits of Verizon east of the Mississippi is a greatly expanded data & digital service area. I sure wish it would cross over the river.
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    I'm curious, is your phone a refurb, if so email pdanet explain the prior owner may have registed and used the free trial.
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    A refurb phone would have been subjected to a hard reset, leaving none of that information available. Ben

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