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    Anyone have experience doing several soft resets each and every day?

    I am trying to find out if doing multiple soft resets on a daily basis is harmful in any way to the Treo? I have a program installed (Goodlink 4.8) that I use 2 or 3 times a day. Once it is initialized it drains the battery fairly quickly (~5% per hr). Even when I use the 'offline' option, it still eats up major battery power. The only cure is to soft reset, which turns off the Good program until the next time it is used, and solves the battery drain problem. So I wind up soft-resetting 3 times a day.

    I tried the Goodlink forum, but no luck in finding a work-around.

    It seems to me that soft resetting several times a day wouldn't be that healthy (kind of like defibrillating!!) but this is just a gut feeling and maybe is unwarranted.

    I posted similar question to 700P forum but did not get much response, so thought I would try this forum.

    Thanks very much.
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    I don't see how multiple soft resets can harm the Treo in any way. It doesn't have a hard drive or any moving parts that would undergo wear and tear from repeated resets..Besides, with the amount of resets that some Palm devices go through, I'm pretty sure Palm took that into consideration when they were designing the Treo and other PDA's.
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    thanks for your quick and thoughtful reply
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    There is a fixed number of read-write operations possible
    for flash memory (100,000?), unlike RAM.
    Game over!
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    Nah. I have a separated battery charger. So everyday I take out the battery to put in the juiced one. Basically I soft reset everyday.
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    If I just have to soft reset, I feel lucky. I would hate to know I would have to do a hard reset. But to get back on topic, I have several soft resets a day also, but mostly when I get off the internet...browser fault.

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