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    ...for it has increased the life of my PalmOS software investments.
    Yeah, I was always worried about this and now it is a big relief.

    In other news, I think palm is being cheap with the 700 (w & p)
    Game over!
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    They are cheap on the 700w with the memory. I don't know about the 700p. They could have put mp3 ringtone and A2DP in it but that's being "lazy" not "cheap".
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    Well technically, it's being cheap too...they don't want to spend the money on research and development. Besides, most people will buy the 700p with or without those features you mentioned, so they don't see any need to implement them.
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    Palm needs to $hit or get off the pot. They now they have a good thing, but lets move forward and it will only get better.
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