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    I am having the strangest issue. I am a current 700p user(sprint) and an avid Treo owner since the 300. I am having a strange issue with my caller id. I noticed that when I receive a call from my home it correctly displays “call from home.” However it also displays a soccer ball in the middle of the screen. I have used this feature before and have added pictures before in my contacts so they display when I receive a call from my contacts list so I just figured I had some crazy picture on my “home” contacts. I looked in my contacts and did not find a picture associated with my home contact. I successfully added a picture to the home contact and tried again…still soccer ball…no luck. I decided to go back into my contacts and add a few other photos for various contacts. I tried calling from the various numbers that made up the contacts and not a single one displayed the picture. I have used this feature before on my 650 with success. I have NO IDEA what I am doing wrong. I sync using missing sync I use Entourage on a Mac PowerBook G4….and yes I soft reset the phone….any help would be greatly appreciated.

    UPDATE: I found the Soccer was associated with my wifes contact were I had our home number stored as well. Curious that it would use that contact insted of the one I specified when I added it to my favorites button...still no change on the images showing up on caller id....
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