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    I did a search but could only find a theme for zlauncher. Does somebody make software to allow me to change the appearence of the Palm OS to the Apple aqua or panther theme? If so, I imagine it will only be for the 65o with it's high rez screen. I'm still using a Treo 600 (trying to jazz it up while I wait for the thin version next year). Thanks.
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    I think the programs called Skinner, SkinUI and PalmRevolt are what you are looking for. Try searching for those.
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    i use palm revolt for osx
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    There is also an iTunewls skin for pTunes. I can't believe I paid for a program skin.
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    PalmRevolt is great.
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    Zlauncher along with pTunes and SkinUI V2.0 is very pretty OS X Palm

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