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    Well this has been an interesting last couple of weeks to say the least! I am studying to become a real estate agent and was looking for a great Phone/PDA combo that would work with my Mac and give me tethering/DUN options.

    Day 1: I spent about 2 hours in the Verizon Store comparing the 700w and the 700p. I fell in love with the 700w because its Windows Mobile OS seemed so much more elegant and functional. The phone was a tad louder than the 700p, which I appreciated, so I took it home with high expectations.

    After almost a week, I have to say that I was generally disappointed. The camera was of mediocre quality, there was only 12MB of RAM free to run applications (one launch of IE promptly caused other apps to close), screen was not the right aspect ratio for WM5 apps, and absolutely no luck tethering it to the Mac via USB or getting bluetooth paired despite many hours hacking and praying.

    Day 7: Read lots of good reviews of the xv6700, so exchanged the 700w for the xv6700. I got it home and immediately loved the PDA functionality and large screen. It also had a faster processor than the 700w, so certain things were faster, and it had a great camera too.

    A few days into my xv6700 experience, I came to the realization that while it is a great PDA, it's quite an awful phone. I often had difficulty hearing people during phone conversations, especially while driving, as the volume level fluctuated during conversations -- it was always low at the start of a sentence and then got lowder after a couple of words, making the beginnings of sentences completely disappear. One-handed dialing was impossible with this thing, and once you made a call the on-screen dialpad would disappear and you'd have to futz with the menus to get it back just so you could navigate VM menus. There was also no way to add extra digits to the voicemail number, so enabling an auto log-in was impossible.

    Battery life was horrid. I had a full charge and during a 3-hour class I surfed the net and checked email a few times, and by the end of class my battery was down to 30%! Perhaps it was hinting that I shouldn't be goofing off during class, but still...

    Day 9: I went back to the Verizon Store and the lady was very nice to allow me a 2nd exchange (normally they only allow one). I was going to get the 700w back, despite its flaws, but ended up revisiting the 700p which I had originally written off because of what I perceived to be a less functional PalmOS. After playing with it more intently, I realized that the 700p has none of the deficiencies of either the 700w or the xv6700 -- plenty of memory for apps (OS architecture is different), screen aspect ratio is perfect for PalmOS apps, one handed operation was stellar, phone and speakerphone were good (not as loud as the 700w, but much better than the xv6700), and USB/bluetooth tethering was possible with the Mac along with sync functionality. THIS WAS THE ONE!

    Well, I got home and realized the left side of the 700p keyboard was soft and made a distinct noise from the plastic membrane behind. Also, the backlight was discolored -- 3/4 of the keyboard was slightly magenta/pink while the rest was blue/white. I took it back to exchange for the same model, the manager tried to give me some grief because it wasn't "defective" but eventually got a different one that had none of these problems.

    Anyway, after 10 days I'm finally a happy camper and got sync to work and USB tethering to work [click here] and played with it and also realized that Blazer renders so much faster than IE, and overall the 700p is far more usable without the limitations and shortcomings of the other two models.

    I highly recommend the 700p.
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    Great post, SonnyS - Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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    That's funny. I went through an almost identical process. Tried the 700W, and thought it was the easiest WM device to use of all the ones I've tried, but didn't like the reduction in resolution or the lack of memory. I then got a 6700, liked a lot of things about it (especially after discovering that you can use the keypad in T9 mode to find a contact), but had issues with it deleting email that nobody has a fix for. It was also more awkward to use than a treo because of the need to slide the out keyboard and turn it around to do many things coupled with the less functional joystick (compared to the 5 way button).

    After being away from Palm OS for a few weeks, I found myself missing the functionality and simplicity of it even though it is missing a few bells and whistles available with WM (streaming slingbox being a big one). If I had EV-DO, I probably would have gotten a 700P, but since we don't, I just reactivated my 650.

    If Palm would fix the memory and resolution on the 700W, they'd have the perfect WM device IMO. I'd give up the somewhat easier to use and more intuitive Palm OS interface for the WM's features if it came in a treo form factor that didn't force me to give up that much resolution. If not, I'll get a 700P once we get EV-DO locally.

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