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No comment added tho i thought it seemed to be a pretty fair asessment of someone who'd been there with both. Of course using different hardware is gonna have soem effect on the experience.

What I love of WM5

* Multitasking: It's simply fantastic being writing an email, switch to Netfront and surf the web and then change to Word and type a letter and then switch back to Mail and find it on the same comma you left it. Amazing. Saves a lot of time. Also, to can run Skype and leave it open and do something else
* You may send/receive any format of file, not only PRCs and PDBs as we do on PalmOS. Windows Mobile looks pretty much like a pc on this issue
* Installing and Uninstalling of program are easy business. Clean and simple and if you uninstall a program from the pc, you get always the chance to reinstall it back by clicking on a checkbox
* What I love the best: wifi and phone altogether, awesome. Once you've tasted this you won't get back to previous devices
* There are tones of programs. I was afraid that PPC had less apps than Palm does but that is not the truth- Take a look at

What I love of PalmOS

* Palm is ten times faster. When you order something at PalmOS you get it right away, I was quite fed up of waiting icons on WM5
* I found that certain programs are much cheaper at Palm than for WM5
* Not having multitasking has its benefits as well: you don't have to worry of closing programs as you do on WM5. Palm closes automatically every program when exiting it.
* Palm OS works flawlessly on Mac, while WM5 is quite a nightmare
* It's hard to say but I would say that Palm is simpler for newer users than WM, but once again I am not pretty sure of that