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    I saw a Penn and Teller episode of BULLSH*T last night . I am pretty sure it was a rerun from last year....It was about people always having to "have the best" . Much of the time was spent on fools in classy retaurant being fed meals made in a toaster and microwave from a shopping list that totalled $3.99 was $1.99, caviar was fish paste and food coloring, brushetta was stale roll with tomato outta a can and olice oil bought in hardware store or something that crazy.

    They had a gadget geek on who is on his 40th PDA cause he always has to have the latest and greatest gasget....even his licens eplate says PDAGEEK (he just got his 1st Treo prior to the episode's recording)....they had a psychiatrist on talking about people always needing to get a new gadget to satisfy that sense of wow they got with their 1st gadget......the new gadget high lasts a few weeks ......and then with the naxt gadget a it less ..... I was half expecting the dude to end with "and then they wind up on TreoCentral complaining about what all the latest gadgets don't have.
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    yeah it was a repeat.
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    I have that feeling a lot, new gadget-itis.
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