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    Yesterday while waiting to have my tires rotated at a local shop, I was reading an ebook on my Treo. While I sat there, a guy came over to me (Treo 650 in hand) and asked "Is that a 650?". He had experienced a reset which caused him to lose his VersaMail settings for his AOL email account and needed help getting it set up again. He was so frustrated!
    I logged on to TreoCentral because I remembered a thread giving detailed directions for setting up AOL in VersaMail. I did a forum search and got the thread pulled up. We entered the settings, did a "get", and got his mail for him.
    He was happy!
    Thanks TreoCentral members.

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    1. Treocentral is a great place.

    2. Think where you'd have been just a few years ago (wait a minute, no constant email...hmmmm...maybe we ought to rethink this one).

    3. Even at Vision/EDGE speed their are still pretty handy devices.

    4. What a country!
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    hey, for email or casual browsing there is still nothing wrong with EDGE/1xRTT performance.

    let's face it: EVDO speeds are a luxury. it's a solution that we are still waiting for the problem for.

    That said: I'd like to have those speeds. :-)
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