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    Finally got to see/handle a 700p, and I'm amazed at how small the keys are. Could you comment on typing accuracy? How often do you hit wrong or multiple keys? I have fairly small hands, but I'm just not sure how you fit fingers/thumb on one key at a time.
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    I have quite large hands and I use the w. If I am attempting to type as fast on the treo as I do on the pc, I end up hitting wrong keys or multiples. Now, with that said, if you slow down a little, then you won't have any issues. And yes, the keyboard is still worth it's weight because it is better than T9 or hitting the same key several times for a letter like on a traditional cell.
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    I've been using a Treo 650 for about 8 months. In November, I used it to write a novel in 30 days. At first it was kind of awkward, then you got the hang of it. Mostly thumbs. But you get used to it and it works very well.

    Now, it's kind of morphed into a combo of the keypad and the on-screen keyboard. And that's actually improved my speed and accuracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bheuss
    ...I used it to write a novel in 30 days.
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    Is the accuracy because you have to push a key all the way in, so you're actually touching more than one but only "hitting" one? (Just guessing, I didn't try typing on it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by clairegrrl
    This kind of novel...

    See ****.
    See **** drink beer.
    See **** drive.
    See **** smash his car.

    Don't be a ****.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bheuss
    ...I used it to write a novel in 30 days.
    Quote Originally Posted by clairegrrl
    It's not that strange. I wouldn't be looking to write an entire novel, but I did outline my current book using only my Treo 600. I would be out somewhere when inspiration hit, and, lacking my laptop or access to my desktop, I started jotting down ideas and chapters/sections.

    As the book develops, I plan to have a copy of it on my Treo 650 and adding to it if inspiration strikes thanks to Documents to Go. Word is not my first choice for a manuscript, but I can export it to a proper application to handle the layout when the content is nearing completion.

    The only non-technological limitation to a Treo is what you believe it CAN'T do.

    Writing an entire novel in 30 days on a Treo? I think I want to read it, just for the chutzpa of the author's approach.
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    Actually it worked great. It was a contest to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. A little more complicated than "Don't be a ****".

    I did not mean to imply that I wrote the entire thing on a Treo, but can see how it would be read that way. I did write a lot on the Treo while commuting, waiting around, at write-ins, etc. Outlining, adding detail, fleshing out characters, getting down ideas, etc. 80% - 90% of the writing, spell checking, punctuation, formatting, etc. were done on the PC. Just transferred The Next Great American Novel back and forth between Treo and PC. With Dox2Go and the SD card, it worked very well.

    And, no, you wouldn't want to read it. Even I didn't like it when it was done. But it didn't have to be likeable - just 50,000 words. Checkout Happens every November.
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    I dont think I'll read "Dont Be A ****." I'm waiting for the movie
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