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    But I think to grab hold in E/A ya gotta have Linux / Symbian offering and while the WM rlease we expect in a few months will undoubtedly grab mindshare over there, I don't think we'll see real market share until they ave cross platform offerings.
    Thats completely false. You need a big name with a pretty phone with great features. Most people who buy phones dont even know it has an OS. They need a good form factor, a very good camera, GPS and good promotion. Its funny how rare that combination is.

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    True / False ...depends on market.....we talkin a razr, I agree with you......we talkin a Treo like device, I gotta disagree. Look how many IT dep'ts said yes to BB because it was MS blessed....look how many IT departments now said OK as soon as the 700w arrived.

    There's those that simply won't have anything but MS, there's those that simply refuse to have anything to do with many E/A gov't agencies. It's not a phone, it's a pocket computer and on puters, OS i soemthing peeps want to choose.
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