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    I am a palm user before Treo's were out (used a Samsung i330 palm phone for the last 3 or so years - decided to try new 700p and am very disappointed in a few issues - can anyone help resolve any of these or is Treo not capable of these simple uses?
    1. Speed dialing - previously, I was able to assign a dial pad # and was able to press and hold the # on the dial pad (like w/#1 for voice mail) - it seems that this cannot be done (except with #1) for any of the other numbers - I know it can be done on the keyboard but this seems so simple (and what I am used to). Any suggestions?
    2. Voice dialing - previously, I would hit the side button and would hear "who would you like to call" - I would then say one of the 30 names I had programmed and the call would go thru - it seems this Treo 700p does not have voice dial - I know there are programs to purchase....which I did, but very disappointing - it would be ok if you could just press the phone or side button to activate voice dialing but you have to go to apps, voice dialing, before you can say a name - you can just go to contacts and get to the name you want - am I missing something? Even the favorite buttons list takes a numerous presses to get to - seems to be a very frustrating phone after the dream i330 - why am I switching - wanted camera (not as important as these other issues though) - wanted easier email access and really the main reasons is the car kit I use is on the blink and the batteries I have all need replacement so thought this new and improved Treo would be a good phone
    3. Grafitti - used graffiti on my i330 and loved it - testing out some and they do not work as well - any suggestions
    Any input/help would be appreciated to this new Treo user - Thx
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    You can still set numbers for speed dial. On the phone screen, scroll down to the favorites, then right, which will get you to your blank favorites. Select a blank favorite, and it will take you to the screen where you can set the key you would like to press and hold for a particular contact. The 700p doesn't support voice dialing natively. Hope this helps.
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    Thx for your response - but from trying this, you cannot use the #'s on the dial pad for speed dial - only the #'s/letters on the keyboard
    You can only press and hold #1 for voice mail - the other #'s cannot be held down for press and hold for one button dialing
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    Correct me if I am wrong-as I do not have a 700p,but on my 650 I have the side key mapped to start my voice dialing application (I use Voice Dial)-is the same thing not possible with a 700p ?
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    You want to use number 2, for instance, as a speed-dial? Then assign the letter R, 'cos it's the same button. You want number 9? Use letter V. And so on.....

    Are you dialing by pressing the keys or by tapping and holding on the touchscreen?
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