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    I'm new to the board and just got my first Treo (650) so I'm in "all things Treo" mode and have been digging around for stuff online. Found a pretty cool application called Sharpcast. Anyone have it? Use it? Know anything about it? I'm thinking about downloading it. It's free. I figure it can't hurt. According to the site they're still working on the mobile element of the application but you can download it for free and when they get the mobile portion running you'll be able to synch your PC, web and mobile so changes made in one place automatically get made in all the others. Pretty cool stuff.

    Any recommendations on useful apps is most welcome. Free or paid, doesn't matter. Useful or fun are the main concerns.

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    Welcome to the Treo World & TC! You will be a Treo nerd soon, also don't forget to use the Search button, you will learn & see a lot. Just give yourself pleanty of time. As for Sharpcast, I've never heard of it, but I will after my search...enjoy your stay.
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    I didn't read the whole thing but it sounds like Sharpcast is a blogger? I use, works great with a Treo and free!
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

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    Speaking of Splash-blogger....I highly reccomend the entire splash wallet. I love it!!! A little pricey but the apps are awesome on a handheld and also come with corresponding applicaitons that work on your PC. You can buy apps separately but you can save a bunch if you buy together.

    Link to splash wallet website
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    Hey all, thanks for the warm welcome and feedback. Definitely keep it coming. I'm pretty jazzed with all the apps suggested so far. I am totally going the nerd route with this stuff. I'm all giddy about downloading stuff. Though I gotta say, one of the funnest elements of my new toy is what the "chirp" ring tone does to my cat. Every time I get a call she shifts into huntress mode. I can't get enough of that. Simple pleasures.

    As for Sharpcast, it isn't really a blogger. It's an application that synchs your PC, web and phone. So if I take a picture with my Treo when I go home or to work or log on to the web that picture is automatically there. Then, of course, you get your friends on board and if you've selected each other as "share partners" or whatever you want to call it, the pictures are automatically synched to their devices as well.

    I'm a graphic designer and bounce around from computer to computer pretty often so the notion of having everything synched up is pretty appealing. The one thing I'm uncertain about is MAC compatibility, hence my questioning. I suppose I should just download it and see (or dig around the site a little more). Hell, it's free. It can't hurt.
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    hey neko - welcome - I have had my 650 for 2 months now and I am still learning things. This is a great site - I would suggest you go to the "650 Hardware" forum and go through the sticky's - particularly the "Suggested Threads". Great source.

    A few things I would recommend - a backup program (and an SD card) and an uninstall program - these will prove to be very valuable as us test new programs. Some combinations just don't work together. Really, you should install Uninstall Manager right away as it will track everything you install moving forward. It cost about $15, but it is worth it, IMO.

    Also - I use Splashblog too - and you can subscribe to multiple blogs and they will load/sync on the Treo. It is free up to 1000 photos I believe.

    Have fun!

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