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    After three resets tonight in the middle of phone calls I've decided that's it's time for a hard reset and a reinstallation of the Palm program.

    I don't want to go through having to manually input categories in calendar, conacts, memos, favourite buttons etc.

    I've listed some files that I figure I should install after the hard reset, but could you please help me if I've missed anything (or should omit any on the files below).


    Thanks in advance!
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    Quick...get an SD card and a back-up program
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    I've got an SD card and a backup program, but I don't want to use it. I want to do a "clean" restart as I think that I have programs that conflict. I did an advanced exchange just three week ago, and my Treo goes into constact restarts all the time, more and more frequently. As I mentioned above - three times just tonight...

    Can someone help me?
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    It sounds like the "known battery issue" I had the same thing happen, but had my phone replaced by lockjaw. Do you have insurance??

    Since you have a backup, just do the hard reset. Since the phone was working fine before, unless you just added some new progy, it should work fine. That is unless the battery is going.
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    The battery is fine and I've already tried a hard reset and then reinstalled everything with Rescoe Backup. My previous 650 whent into resets almost everytime I pressed the volume button. Got this one just a few weeks ago...
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    Can you say L E M O N
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    Grrrr... Well, I reinstalled the above files plus the files from the folders address, todo and calendar. And the first file I installed was Cleanup... Hope it'll help if it starts all over again... I am now keeping my fingers crossed so hard they are starting to go numb!

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    I'd suggest doing the true hard reset which is the zero out reset which will really wipe everything out and restore it to the factory default condition.

    Make sure you rename your Backup folder (looks like you may already know that) before you hotsync.

    I would think that the ones you want to reload back are all the Address....PDB, locLCusLocationDB.PDB, locLDefLocationDB.PDB. I think the ones you've listed are re-loaded once you do the hotsync after a zero out reset.
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    Thanks for the tip - I'll try that. Are you sure it's OK to just hotsync after the zero reset? I shouldn't add items separately?
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    If you're doing a hard reset, why are you going to reinstall those files? One of them may be corrupting your settings and causing the resets. It is just best to do a hard reset and reinstalling your apps from scratch. Of course, you will have to rename your backup folder and sync, but it is like reformating your computer. It will run better if you do it from scratch.
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    Will a "Zero Out" reset revert the phone to the "Locked" status? And do you leave the sim card in?.....yes I am a noob and trying to learn.
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    True. Re-installing from scratch may be better, but most times, it's usually not the "program" files that are corrupted but individual preferences files. Re-install them back ONE at a time and checking your Palm every time after each install to make sure they are fine. So, even if you loaded something corrupted, you normally should find that out and remove that for next hotsync.

    Again, make sure you rename your "Backup" folder to something else like "old-Backup" or "Backup-old" or anything other than keeping it "Backup". That way, nothing will be re-installed back into the Palm when you do the hotsync after the zero out reset.

    If the phone is unlocked, zero out won't revert it back to locked status. There is no mechanism to revert the phone back to a locked status when phones are usually unlocked, until the carriers "lock" them. Leave the SIM card in.
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