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    Ok time to ask for help. I have Ptunes load to my treo 650, the issue is that when I go to blazer, then shoutcast, then try to "tune in" to a stream station I get the message.

    It say "Download to card " at the top
    file: Shoutcast-playlist.pls
    From: HTPP://

    Size: 1.0 k

    Your Device does not
    Support this filetype.

    Do you want to Download to your Card?

    Yes No

    *** No matter what I have tried I can't get it to work. What am I missing...

    I'm running Ptunes deluxe 3.1.5

    Please help.
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    Are you running Ptunes off the SD card or the treo itself?
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    Treo it self
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    i dunno then..if u have ptunes on yr card only and u try downloading from shoutcast, it wont work. if u have ptunes on yr phone, when u go to download the shoutcast channel, it should give u the option to open it with ptunes

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