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    I miss my Treo! It refuses to sync with my PC. The computer gives error "USB Device not recognised" and the Treo says "port in use by another application". Another strange thing is that a small blinking black square has appeared in the lower right hand corner of the Treo screen. Anyone had this before? Any help appreciated! kj
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    USB device not recognized - that often indicates a bad cable. Ben
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    'USB Device Not Recognized' appears in Windows system tray when Windows Mobile device connected to desktop PC

    This can happen when the device driver for your Windows Mobile smartphone malfunctions. You'll see "USB Device Not Recognized" on your desktop PC, in the Windows system tray.

    What to do
    Try each of these steps in order. Stop when the issue is solved (you'll know because synchronization will begin).

    1. Disconnect the USB sync cable from your desktop PC, then reconnect it to the same port.
    2. Disconnect the USB sync cable, and reconnect to a different port on your desktop PC.
    3. Disconnect the USB sync cable, then perform a soft reset. Reconnect the cable.
    4. If none of the above steps work, the issue may be with the cable or desktop PC. To test this:

    A. Can you try to connect through a different USB cable? If you (or a friend) have a sync cable from a Treo 650, LifeDrive, Palm TX or Tungsten T5, try using this cable to connect your smartphone to your desktop PC. If it works, your smartphone's original cable may need to be replaced.

    B. Can you connect your smartphone to a different desktop PC? Important: You must install ActiveSync on the new desktop PC before you connect your smartphone. Use the CD that came with your smartphone, or download ActiveSync from Microsoft (version 4.1 or later).
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    Thanks you were both spot on - it was the cable. I am very happy even though it is snowing here! Karen, NZ

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