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    All the excitement about the 700p made me break out my collection of old TREO's. Before the batteries would become useless, I charged all the batteries on my 300, 600 and 650. I'm sitting here looking at TREOCENTRAL and I see the screen turn on on my 600. This thing has been lifeless for two years and still decided to turn itself on at 3:30am Somethings never change.
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    I have an old 300 at home that I keep around in case my real treo is lost/broken, whatever. I don't think I know where the charger is though....
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    you need to seel these on ebay so that some newbie has a chance to join the revolution.....

    the 300 must look like a "bag phone" compared to the 650....
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    Too lazy to learn how and put all that info together. I have bought things before however.

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