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    I need to hard reset my treo...wipe off all of my information. The button on the back doesnt seem to work. Is there another way to do it?
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    Just pressing the button on the back does a soft reset, here are instructions from the Palm Web site on all resets and how to do them: (Or were you saying the reset button under the battery cover does not work at all?)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    If your asking obout the 650, Take the battery out, Do the HR when u put u put it back in.
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    That's Funny Perry,
    I wasn't thinking the OP's question was that obvious. I thought he ment that the back reset button did not work at all.
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    If you really want a true hard reset, you have to do the zero out reset which involves pressing the down button, the power button, the hotsync button on your hotsync cable attached to the Treo AND poke the reset hole in the back.

    The trick is to hold the stylus in your mouth. After a few times, I've got it down pat.
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