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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to these forums.

    I had a question about versamail and after searching the internet looking an answer, I decided to post it here. Oddly enough, other people have this issue too but I have yet to see a reply with help.

    Here goes: I use my treo to check my email about a 100 times a day. I get about 20-30 emails a day on two difference accounts. I need to view the same emails from my computer at work, so all my email has to remain on the server.

    When I select the option "get only" and then choose a time period, I get a message everytime versamail fetches the email stating: Date Filter: X amount of messages were not download becausee the "get mail options" are currently configured to get only mail from the last X days.

    Is there any way to get rid of this? My phone doesn't even turn off until I acknowledge the message!

    Is there a better way for versamail to handle a large volume of emails? I find that I have 500 emails after a week which slows down the program. And if I delete them, they just come back unless I want to look at that message every time.

    Please help!!!

    I am using a Sprint Treo 650 (1.13a-SPNT).

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I have NEVER been able to get Versamail to function correctly. My issue was attempting to delete email from the Treo, leaving them on the server, only to have them ALL re-download once I did the next get/send. Because of the volume of email I have, I could not continue to use it, so I switched to Snapper. It is excellent.
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    That is the issue that I've been having. I find it incredible that the out-of-the-box treo cannot handle large volume business email, which is a shame because I like how versamail is set up. Do you know if version 3.5 on the 700p is supposed to be any more adepquate?

    I've been playing around with Chattermail. It seems like a great program, but I also liked snapper. Good thing for free trials!
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    VersaMail may change with the 700p, if for no other reason than you will have more free memory to deal with leaving emails on your Treo for the day:

    I leave the emails on my 650 until I clear them from my servers at night (personal accounts) or the next time I am at my work computer. Any email that is on your Treo will not be "pulled" again -- so your download is just new emails from your last pull. I delete unwanted emails from my Treo with the "from server" as well designation -- so some prescreening is already done when I get back "to that computer."

    At night -- I pull all emails from the server -- or at least -- move them out of the inbox to a "pending" box -- if I do not want to sort them immediately.

    Cheers, Perry
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