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    i came across an offer on for Treo 180. The quoted price is INR 4000 (which is around $95). I know its an outdated model and it's got a B/W screen etc. I am an undergrad and I don't need to access mails anytime anywhere. i can also get fancier phones for slightly more than the quoted price of the Treo. But then owning a smartphone is tempting enough and I always wanted to try out the palm software. So, should i buy that phone? And btw, the product is new (atleast thats what the dealer claims).
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    well, the 180 was my 1st treo. in fact i had 5 of them in a span of 2 years due a lot of manufacturing defects. i think there have been 180 users whose devices lasted longer. basically its a matter of luck. so give it a go and keep your fingers crossed that it lasts you until you can afford a sleekier treo.
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    cnayak... don't. Though the listing seems legitimate enough.

    Any phone with a B/W display is a no-no. And the PalmOS really
    comes to life with the color display.

    Like you have said, there are better phones to be bought for
    that kind of money.
    Game over!

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