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    I have had my TREO 650 for about 18 months now. I want to organize my apps and files better so I spent today trying to figure out WHERE files go, what applications can run them, etc.


    I also have a 1 GB SD card that I basically try and move all my stuff to, but if I move pdf files using myworkbench then adobe can't find them. Why don't these apps have a BROWSE FOR FILE task?

    My SD Card has directories and files on it that the INFO tab on the TREO dosesn't see.

    On the Card, what is PALM_DM? What is PALM?

    I just want to be able to put docs and other files on the CARD and then be able to retrieve them and send them to others when neccessary.
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    There is no internal directory structure in memory...just on the card. Most audio / cideo winds up in DCIM...Audio in well Audio. Docs2Go puts its stuff somewhere and I never bothered to look actually where. The only other thing I have is a PDF's directory where I keep all my Manuals.
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    None of the programs I have allow you to specify where they go on the card. Ben
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    Docs to Go will allow you to move documents to the card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buddyhollydog
    Why don't these apps have a BROWSE FOR FILE task?
    No help, but some thoughts...

    My guess is, the directory (tree) structure is very difficult for
    naive computer users familiar with "My Documents", "My Computer"
    and "My Stuff" to understand. One only needs to take a peek at
    all the user files sprinkled in weird places on some PCs. The Windows
    Explorer and File Save dialog box is a dream come true for clueless

    Palm, in their quest for an easy to use system, have implemented
    things in a way that protects the user from having to decide where
    to put the files.

    - mvk
    Game over!

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