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    My boss works in both Boston and London. He can view his e-mail (pop account) on his Treo 650 GSM phone while in Boston. How does he access this same e-mail account from his phone when he's in London? Does he have to setup another e-mail account linked to his London cell number? Can he link both cell numbers to one pop account? This may be an easy question but I'm not an experienced Palm user. Thank you!!!!!
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    Assuming the London cell number has internet data activated your boss should not need another POP account.
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    Yes, he can link each phone to the pop account. If the phones are identical, the setup would be the same on each.
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    I think the idea is to use the same Treo 650 in Boston and London with different SIM cards.

    Two possible issues may arise. 1st., the POP-SMTP server in Boston may block access from outside (London). This is likely if you are using the Boston cell service providers POP server.

    2nd., the London cell service provider may keep the ports closed or restricted to within their own subnet.

    If you use your company POP server or a public one like yahoo, gmail etc. then the settings in Versamail / Chattermail/ snappermail need not be changed whether you are in Boston or London.
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