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    No wonder you are so down on all of these devices. Is there a successor coming out on the horizon? Crap I wish I could get one of those, I know it wouldn't support UMTS here, but still on hell of a device. Maybe I should move to the UK...
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    Quote Originally Posted by surur
    I am really enjoying it, I just with it had more RAM.
    Curious, do you use this as your only phone? The universal has a lot going for it but I just couldn't be doing with that whole juggling two phones thing and I'm sure that I would need to do that if I had anything so big as my primary device.
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    I'm one of those strange individuals who always carry their PDA's wherever they go. I remember the time I went swimming with my XDA 2 I used to carry the Loox 720 (VGA pocketpc with everything except a phone) and a Sony-Ericcson v800 3G flip phone. My MDA pro without a case is smaller than my Loox with its very thin slip case, and being a clamshell that is how I carry it. And of course now I don't have to have an extra pocket for my phone either.

    So yes, its my only phone (not counting the many phones lying around at home) but my load has actually gone down significantly, without compromising on screen size or resolution. I'm happy


    BTW, it helps that I'm 6'6"
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