I've had my Treo 700W (Verizon) for about four months, having acquired it to replace a travel-battered Kyocera 7135. The Treo has some massively cool features but so far, the only core function improvements I'm seeing over the 7135 are battery life, push email and browser functionality. The Windows OS is visually pleasing but wretchedly unstable and falls far short of the Palm OS in true utility.

Most significantly however, my 700W is a disaster as a cell phone. It works nicely in a good coverage area, but I'm presently reduced by circumstances to living in Vermont. Most of the state, including the town in which my home and employer are located, is a marginal reception area. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only Treo user in my company's Vermont facility. While the hundred or so other Verizon phones in this plant seem to take the weak cellular signal in stride, the Treo usually does not even receive a call. On the way home I'll pass through a better reception area and pick up a flood of "missed call" messages. Sometimes if I'm lucky, the phone will ring and identify the caller, but immediately drop the call. Verizon's support of the phone is poor in Vermont; all they can do is exchange it, so I'm presently working on my third Treo in four months. No improvement. The worst thing is that people who call me frequently have simply given up trying to call the phone.

Has anybody else had poor reception in marginal areas? is there a fix for it? I have thirty days to get this sorted, or I'll have to find another cellular solution.