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    Does anybody know if a smart phone exists with VGA out capability, and the ability to run powerpoint? I have a friend who wants to ditch his laptop if something like this extists.
    My current suggestion is to save his ppoints as video and put them on an iPod. TIA
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    Pitch Duo - PS6B1V

    Give your presentation wirelessly with Pitch Duo- no notebook, no wires, no hassle - direct from your handheld or smartphone. View your presentation notes on your handheld device and use it to wirelessly control the presentation while the audience sees just the slides.

    * Delivers notebook-quality graphics - without the notebook
    * Keeps expansion slots free for extra space to store presentations
    * Portable 4.9" L x 3.1" W x 0.9" H size
    * Weighs only 3 oz.
    * 6' power cord length

    Get support information and download the latest software.

    View the data sheet (Adobe PDF, 56KB)

    List Price: $279
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    This is sweet!
    Make It Happen!!
    If you don't, who will?

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