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    I am currently a Treo 650 user. I switched from a Pocket PC. I have loved the one handed interface of the Treo. I know my next phone will be one of the 700s but which one will be the best? I would love to see an indepth compairison between the two. I will not purchase until someone does this.
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    700p will rule all!
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    When it comes to the masses, I think the 700p will rule IMO.
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    Having used a 650 and and 700w, I find I still prefer POS. If they 700 rolls out to more carriers before the w then that will give it a fighting chance in the corporate world, although MS push solution give the 700w an edge since most corporate users want a Blackberry type experience. I realize Goodlink does that for the Treo but their instance on using their own db format so that Goodlink is incompatible with any other PIM leaves me in the cold.

    Of course, Palm wins no matter what device they sell - as long as they capture marketshare from RIM.
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    They'll both have a place. But if I had to get one or the other, it would be the 700p. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    And shouldn't this thread be in THIS forum instead???

    ??? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I believe the next WM version of Treo will surpass the Palm OS version, against my own wish that any other OS is better than WinMS versions.

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    the 700p will be the smartphone standard to beat. windows media streaming video while web browsing will be a very nice touch, and blazer will truly live up to the name with evdo.

    its going to do very well.
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    the 700w has the same features, but the ease of use on the 700p sets it ahead just a bit.
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    700p will rule, & I will also bet that the 700p sales will pass the 700w...
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    Asking a majority palm os based community your going to get a lttle bias answer but IMHO the 700p will have better sales figuers then the "w" becuase POS has such a larger group of loyal fans and theres no competition on the POS side the treo is one of the only phones running POS at the moment ( Even more so in the UK)
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    PalmOS does not stand a chance in heck in corporate America (or any of Europe for that matter).

    However: For end-users PalmOS (700p) will have a sizable lead simply on ease of use. (not to mention the growing Mac market). I know I'd prefer it over Windows Mobile.
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    I had a 600 and went to a 700w. I love mine so I'll have to give a vote for the W! is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    Putting them side by side, the major differences are

    320 x 320 vs 240 x 240 screem ,edge p
    52 MB free versus 10 mb free, edge p
    one handed useability, edge p
    snappiness, edge p
    multimedia, edge w

    To my reading, people show little loyalty to carriers when a new gadget comes out. I think the fact that the w's amounted to only 20% of Treo sales last quarter is significant as I think anyone who really wanted the w switched.

    I also think that Verizon was the place to release the w as I think verizon is a more business oriented carrier and the w is a more big business oriented phone due to its affinity for exchange server. I think Sprint p's will outsell Sprint w's by a 4 to 1 ratio but the w's will be by no means less pleased with their purchase than the p's are.
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    Palm OS. Until Vista is released with a better version of windows mobile the Palm OS will be superior. I have really enjoyed the Palm os for many years but I think Vista version will have integration that we have all waited for. Windows mobile is clunky and slow currently.
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    I'm voting for the "dub" as I'm a windows-type user (read: I like corporate america sticking it to me) and the dub is a good windows based device.
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    The w doesn't even do WM justice. The p and the 750w with 64MB RAM would at least be a comparison.
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