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    I saw this mentioned in Business 2.0 last month and then Andrew at Treonauts mentioned it yesterday:

    Interesting concept and could be beneficial if you use Skype exclusively. Though using it on your Treo counts against your cell minutes, I could see it as a good method for making cheap Int'l calls if you do not have a plan on your mobile.
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    Sprint has a plam with free incoming minutes...

    used with EQO, that would give you unlimited minutes...
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    upon further review - this will not work on CDMA - they say they are working on it.
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    Yeah, it doesn't work on cdma yet. Another problem is that they don't have a desktop client software. Thsu you can oly make calls to other pda's with MobiVoIP installed or via pay service to landlines. Fortunately I asked them on their forums and they said there were working on a desktop solution with some 3rd party integration like google talk etc. Hope it comes soon...
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