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    In a weak moment, I confessed to a colleague that my Treo
    "sometimes" crashed or froze-up or rebooted...

    and guess what!

    It seems his Symbian 60 Sony Ericsson too was no stranger
    to maladies of the type that afflict Treos. Appears that the
    Nokia gang too had "occassional" problems with their phones.

    So, our less than perfect Treos are nothing to be ashamed of!
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    Good reminder! I forgot that my Kyocera phone would 'malfunction' on a rare (3-4 times per year) basis. The fix was pull the battery, count to 30, re-install, and A OK.
    My Treo appears to do just as well.
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    my 7135 used to freeze 10x a day..and that was with a stable software setup.
    600 was significantly better.
    now my 650 might freeze 1x a month and my wife's (shes had it since july) didnt know this phone did that because she hadnt had it happen to her at all.

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