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    My business do not have a business server. I need to be able to get my e-mail(Which is at times, quite a bit) quickly and be able to respond to it quickly, have a great business is all about scheduling, so it has to be easy to use, and work great...I also need a decent memory for the contacts and what-not...I would love the ability to be able to connect the phone to my laptop for on the go internet...Any other bells and whistles would be nice, but are not neccessary.

    Would you go Treo 700w?

    I would love to, just worried about all the problems I am reading about?

    Can anyone help me?

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    The main reason for getting a 700w is to sync w/ exchange server. I would suggest a 700p from Sprint in a week or from Verizon in 3 weeks depending on who has better coverage.
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    **** on the 700w. It is specced terribly for a WM5 device. Either PPC-6700, Treo 700p or Treo 650. In that order, for me at least. It would probably also help to mention what carrier you are with. I assume since you are mentioning the 700w you are with Verizon. If so, you might also look at the i730. I don't have any experience with this device, but it looks kind of nice. Specs are better than the 700w, except OS but I think there is a patch to upgrade to WM5.
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    I am currently with T-Mobile, and the sidekick 2.
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    ON GSM, then I'd wait till 3rd quarter for the TTINLBCH

    "Treo that is no longer being called Hollywood."

    Highlight above if ya don't know what TTINLBCH is

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