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    I can get a really cheap Cingular unlocked treo 650 on ebay, but a unlocked unbranded treo 650 costs more.

    Are there any disadvantages of having the treo 650 cingular vs unlocked?


    (Plan to purchase treo tonight with answer)
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    If you are not the finicky kind, go with the Cingular unlocked...
    Maybe even buy two of em...

    - mvk
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    What do you mean by the finicky kind?

    Do I have limited features with the cingular unlocked?

    Let me know,

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    Some people (me, for example) don't like the ***** "Cingular" branding
    on the phone (I don't even use it on the Cingular network).

    Then, there are "hooks" in the software (Xpress Mail, GetGood, Splash
    screens etc) that are useless if you are not on the Cingular network.
    There is no way of getting rid of these memory consuming software
    short of doing a Custom ROM, and that is a slippery slope.

    Also, the Cingular updater is one version lower than the Unlocked GSM
    version. (can't figure out what difference that makes).

    But, on balance, a lower priced Cingular version is preferable to a higher
    priced Unlocked GSM version, as there are no differences in functionality
    between the two. It used to be that the Cingular version had some
    "crippled" features, but this is no longer true with the current updater

    Make sure you also get the 8 digit SUBSIDY UNLOCK CODE (NOT the SIM
    LOCK CODE) along with your purchase, else you may have to pay extra if
    you are not on the Cingular network. Save the code in-case you run into
    problems at a later date.

    - mvk
    Game over!
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    Yeah, there is no difference. You can put the ROW/ENA software on your phone if you want and avoid the Cingular junk that way, but Cingular software has a smaller ROM partition, which some think is beneficial. By the way, doing a custom ROM is easy as pie nowadays.
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    I'm confused about the "SUBSIDY UNLOCK CODE" On the ebay auctions, none of them mention that?

    Would I e-mail them to get it out of them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unknownman_007
    I'm confused about the "SUBSIDY UNLOCK CODE" On the ebay auctions, none of them mention that?

    Would I e-mail them to get it out of them?
    Yeah, you should email and enquire to get the SUC, or be ready
    to pay to purchase it at a later date if something goes wrong.

    Basically, you should never require the code once it is unlocked,
    but it is always good to know how to unlock the phone to use on
    a non-Cingular network.

    - mvk

    PS: It happened in my case, as I'm the nosey kind who can't let
    well enough alone - I "tried" out different codes downloaded from
    the internet without knowing the implications. Result: relocking the
    phone. Solution: re-purchase SUC.
    Game over!
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    The CNG has a CNG ROM and has "Cingular" stamped on it.

    The unlocked model has a generic ROM and no carrier name stamped on it.

    You can change ROM's.
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    hey jack,
    are you w/ cingular?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have a CNG 650 and a Verizon "backup"....haven't used the backup since 04-10-05 on pay as you go plan on that one.

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