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    Hi all,

    I am trying to view my "total usage" in minutes on my Treo 650. My provider is Bell Mobility (Canada). I have talked with them and they cannot figure it out either.

    I have checked a few manuals and the way to access what I am trying to do is listed below.

    Viewing minutes usage
    1. Select the Call Log favorite button.
    2. Open the menus .
    3. Select Totals from the Record menu.
    4. (Optional) To reset the counters to zero, select Reset Counters.
    5. Select Done.

    The problem is ( I have checked a few people that have a the same Treo and it is the same for all of us) I do not have a Totals option. The options I have are :


    Can anyone please help.

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    Try ##786#
    It brings up a screen with life timer and life data.
    That works on Sprint, I don't know if there is a different ## or #* combination for Bell Mobility

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