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    I'm trying to find out how much interest there would be in a website geared toward the Treo community, PDA users, mobile phone users in general, to be accessed FROM these mobile devices and not just ABOUT them.

    It would be a site similar in function to for those of you familiar with that. Email addresses would be obfuscated but you could place personal ads, hold threaded discussions, and possibly access additional functionality in the future.

    Again, the focus here is on the fact that it will be geared with the mobile user in mind and so design and interface will be compact, and will involve a drill-down categories similar to Yahoo, but with the option of searching all categories (an actual useful search engine) and user-customizeable category list upon login. Cookies will allow for a permanent logged-in state on a given device so any time you visit you'll be greeted with what's new for you.

    The basic service will be free and additional future services will be available for a small fee, perhaps $5 a month. The gist of some of the additional services would be localized content (weather, news, possibly traffic info) again all formatted with the mobile device in mind. The service can be setup to auto-charge you monthly or you can pay month to month.

    Before I get involved in developing this fairly extensive project, I want to find out how interested the community at large is. Please indicate your level of interest and feel free to post any questions and comments.

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    It seems that a lot of this is already available. A lot of places already offer mobile portals that has this info and that can be personalized for free and, generally, the looks is a lot like CL. A lot of personal websites/dating services are beginning to offer mobile portals.

    If you're talking about a personalizeed homepage/portal with personalized info and that could be user-modified to add links to external sites, etc., that would be useful. I can log onto my personalized Yahoo page and have it set as my homepage, but I can't add links to external services.

    Guess I'm not too clear on what would be the hook for the service.
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    Please, link me to any of these existing services you mention because I'm really not aware of them. I don't intend to waste my time or anyone else's if something's already got me beat.

    Yes, a personalized portal is essentially the idea behind it, though less of a content provider than a service provider. The content would be generated by the user community and any staff who put in time to review products, post news articles, etc.

    Again, this would be very similar to craigslist for mobiles, and I have yet to see that functionality represented in the mobile realm.

    Let me know what's good! Point me to these other guys!
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    Like bheuss says, a lot of this exists already.

    In my opinion, what is missing is something like Yahoo Widgets. Having a toolkit available that will allow you to fetch data and render it for the particular device (without having to go to the browser) would be a killer app from my point of view.

    I think people would pay money for an app like this, where they can write their own "widgets" or download other people's widgets. I don't think people are ready to pay a monthly fee for a service that provides stuff that is already available.

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