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    I am in the market for a new PDA phone. Right now I have a Sidekick from T-Mobile. I love it, but I am starting a new business, and I want something that does 'more'.

    I am looking into a Treo 650, and 700w, and Blackberry 8700. Those are the only ones I've heard of that are out as of right now...correct? I have T-Mobile service which I like very much, but I am willing to switch if needed. I do need international service because I do travel outside the country quite often. Anyone have any recommendations on what I should do? Which phone and why? Any problems with any of them I should know about?

    Any further assistance would be great!


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    Get a Treo 650. You can use it on T-Mobile or Cingular.

    The Treo 650 does more than what 99.9 per cent of people need.
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    I'm rocking a PPC-6700. I love it. It certainly does more than most people need. I can do most everything I could do with my Treo 650, plus a ton more. I say "most" as there are a couple things that I preferred with my Treo. T-mobile doesn't offer this exact device, but they do have the MDA, which is consider the GSM counterpart. I enjoy using the phone and no longer use a landline. I take my laptop to work with me a lot less. I don't have the reset issues I had with my Treos. Over all I love the device. I wouldn't have bought it if my Treo had not broken, but I enjoy using it. I did just work a deal to get a Treo for my 2nd line. My girlfriend will be so excited when I show it to her. If you have any specific questions PM me or check the other handhelds forum. Tons of info on these devices there.


    PS. I posted this from my 6700. I got 6 text between posting this and am doing so over wifi. Something you can never do on a Treo.
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    Does the new Treo 700w have all the problems everyone is talking about if you just leave it the way it is, and not add a ton of new programs?

    It has to be reliable or they wouldn't produce it. What is so 'wrong' with it?
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    I have never used a 700w. I think it is the lowest specced WM5 device on the market. I personally can't see buying the 700w. If you don't care about OS then get something with decent hardware specs that runs nicely. I have heard many complaints of users running out of memory while trying to access programs. If you don't want any extra features, then you dont need a Smartphone. If you want to do "more" a Treo 700w is probably not that great of a decision. In my opinion the only good thing about it is the form factor. Everything else lacks. Memory, wifi, resolution are all low on this device compared to other WM5 devices.

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