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    To those of you who won runner-up prizes in TreoCentral's Palm 10th Anniversary essay contest whose registered nicknames are in the winners' announcement at

    And those names are:

    Jaharr, mooredreed, shaindlin, The Major, Barry Hoekstra, lazaruz, pdunbar711, profjonathan, smallfry, detective, dynamojon, Laxidasical, Joel Wapnick, jskoog, macdaddy, mboszko, meir602, and UnoDOSTreo.

    You should have received an email at whatever email address you used to register here. If you did not receive an email, or you changed your email address somewhere along the way and didn't change your registration information here, then your winning notification could have gone nowhere or bounced. So please listen up..

    If you are one of those people listed above, please send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to me (hrlaser) ONLY if you are one of the people on the list above.It MUST come from one of those registered names ONLY. Don't reply to this thread. Send me a PM ONLY!

    In the PM, give me your real name, your email address, your mailing address (USA residential or business STREET addresses only, no Post Office boxes), and your choice of prize.

    You can opt for either a 10th anniversary Palm t-shirt, a 10th anniversary Palm candy tin, or a 10% discount to be applied to ONE order from the TreoCentral store. I will reply and confirm I have your information and will forward your information to the appropriate parties.

    The t-shirts and candy tins will be sent to you directly from Palm's PRPRPR $firm$.

    If you opt for a 10% TC store discount on ONE order only to be used ONE time only, I will give your email address to TC's store head honcho and when you place your order and want to use the discount you will HAVE to use THAT email address you gave me, otherwise, no discount. The discount will probably not be automatically applied since the store has no mechanism to do that, so it'll be manually applied or credited back to your plastic. So don't freak out if you opt for the 10% discount and see the full charge.

    If you are NOT named in the list above, don't PM me about this. If you ARE on the list above, you MUST PM me ONLY from your user name in that list above. In other words some of you might have multiple identities here. If a winner is listed as "joeblow" and you write me from a User ID of "fredschmoo" and claim that you are also "jowblow", that won't fly.

    Now some of you have wondered what the t-shirts and candy tins look like.

    This is what they look like:

    The t-shirts are all large size, all black, and the fancy graphic on the back has a crumpled paper look to it which is really hard to photograph. It's not crumpled, nor is it paper. It's screened on the shirt.

    The candy tin is about the size of a hockey puck.

    Palm's PRPRPR $firm$ $has$ $more$ $candy$ $tins$ $than$ $t$-$shirts$ $so$ $if$ $you$ $ask$ $for$ $a$ $t$-$shirt$ $and$ $they$ $have$ $run$ $out$, $you$'$ll$ $get$ $a$ $candy$ $tin$ $instead$. $No$ $cash$ $substitutions$. $No$ $other$ $choices$. $No$ $you$ $can$'$t$ $have$ $a$ $free$ $700p$ $or$ $a$ $Mercedes$ $or$ $a$ $week$ $for$ $two$ $in$ $Tahiti$ $with$ $Carmen$ $Electra$. $So$ $don$'$t$ $ask$

    If you have already been sent your prize, please don't ask for another one. I know who you are.

    Your private information will be kept private and used only for the purpose of sending you your prize. You have my word on that.

    You have until 31 May, 2006 to PM me here with the information required above to claim your prize. And again, for the last time, your private message to me MUST come from one of the names on that list of names above ONLY.

    Got it? If you didn't get it, scroll back and read it again.

    Thanks, and now back to your life which is already in progress.

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    Do NOT send email to harv at treocentral dot com - it will never reach me.. forwarding from that address to my real address was hijacked in early 2008, and I can't fix it.. send me a private message instead or email me directly at my RR address..

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